Paintings for every room of your home.

Here is the collection of Paintings Or wall Arts that can fit in your home and give it a touch of Glamour and Luxury.

Drawing Room :

Drawing room is as easy to understand by its name that it draws energy to your home, so who wouldn't want a good impression.

By keeping positive energy around in the drawing-room you can change a lot of things.

Either you can get something scenic or any monk paintings, it always gives you the warmth when you come back home after a long day at work.

Here are my recommendations:

Living Room / Chilling Room :

and light

Study Room/ Work Station :

You definitely need motivation and something relatable here so you can visualize what you see and your subconscious never let you go on a negative track.

Bedroom :

you definitely need peace here and don't want any disturbance but from inside you want you always want to give your eyes a good look in the morning when you get up.

It should be appealing enough to get you out of bed.

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